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Mountain Home Health Services - Care Kits

Welcome to wellness! With a Care Kit, patients have a better chance of staying out of the hospital. With everything in one box, Care Kits give step-by-step instructions so that people can get on with life.

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Care Kits at Mountain Home Health Services

Care Kits are a great help to our patients and staff.

Care Kits are now available:

  • Pneumonia Kit
  • COPD Kit
  • CHF Kit
  • Diabetic Kit
  • Sepsis Kit
  • Dementia Kit
  • Discharge Kit
  • Many more kits are available. Call for details.

A good example is the COPD Care Kit.

Chronic disease sufferers often feel guilty and depressed so this kit gives uplifting support and reasons for living. Four goals organize all the self-care tasks and the included tools—like ear wraps, tube connectors and a pill organizer—help making the disease easier to manage. The kits are a tremendous help in keeping patients out of the hospital.

Care Kit for COPD

Specific criteria must be met for qualification:

1. A patient must have the ability to read at least at a fourth-grade level or have a family member or caregiver that can.

2. The patient must have at least one of the following:

  • Newly diagnosed disease
  • History of non-compliance with disease management
  • History of mobility or safety issues
  • Has been on tele-monitoring device that is about to be removed from home
  • Frequent re-hospitalizations




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Your recovery and rehabilitation is our primary focus so that you can maintain your independence and live your life to the fullest. Mountain Home Health Services provides care to people in a six county area including Cherokee County, Graham County, Macon County, and Clay County in North Carolina and Union County and Towns County in Georgia.



Hayesville office: 828-389-8106

Blairsville office: 706-745-5101

Franklin office: 828-524-0178

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